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Stanley Roberts
Created by Brian Shields on 9/23/2009 2:17:00 PM

Stanley Roberts is a KRON 4 Video Journalist.  He joined the station in 1998.

As a video journalist Roberts focuses on ‘People Behaving Badly', a regular feature highlighting various situations where individuals are caught in compromising and sometimes potentially illegal positions.

Roberts came to KRON 4 from ABC News in Los Angeles, where he was worked as a videographer for KABC, KCBS, KTTV, CBS NEWS and for the syndicated show "L.A.P.D - Life on the Beat'.

Roberts has received national recognition for his work, including four (4) Golden Mic awards from APTRA, Associated Press Television-Radio Association.  Some highlights from his career in Los Angeles include covering the North Hollywood shootout and the Malibu fires and a few high profile cases including O.J Simpson criminal and civil trials,  Rodney King criminal and civil trials and the Menendez trial. 

A native of Philadelphia, Roberts calls Foster City home and is also the founder and CEO of, the world's largest open forum restaurant review website.



  11/30/2010 12:31:29 PM
Rick At The Ranch 

Mr Roberts, my hero 
i watch Kron4 just to see your segment. then i found it here on you tube. thanks for all you do. you deserve a raise!
  11/29/2010 3:09:31 PM

Stanley, there are a lot of marginalized people on our streets. Would you do a segment on just how many "bums" are really cops? My friends have a running debate on this question We like to help poor people but cops get paid,right? Why would they be out there deceiving us?Some believe that the "COP BUMS" have actually driven out the real poor people out of the mission and most of the tenderloin. Thanks, Buddy. Keep up the good work.
  11/22/2010 6:50:47 PM
Dave P 

Air traveler 
When you're trying to get your bag off the carasel at the end of your flight, people stand right up close so you can't see when your bag comes up and then when you see it you can't get to it. Why don't people be more polite and stand back alittle to allow some room for those that have your luggage ready to grab. Thanks
  11/10/2010 11:19:29 AM

Illegal left turns after 4pm 
Please oh please do a story on those drivers who refuse to see there are NO left turns after 4pm over on 6th St over by the End Up. No matter how much you honk they do a left, and the police dept is RIGHT THERE!!!!!
  10/20/2010 6:49:42 PM

link to video's??? 
i was just watching news at 6:30 and the news-girl said there was people behaving badly video content here about smokers and such at this website but i can't see it ANYWHERE! argh..give us a link please.
  10/18/2010 9:58:18 AM

STATE workers speeding 
Saturday Oct16 while traveling north on I5@ 4:30 a CA state regestered vechicle passed me at 90 mph at times reaching 100 mph.He slowed down to 70 when he saw me taking his picture and lic #. Not only was he speeding he was driving reckless passing cars on the right & left lanes endangering his passengers.How is it that I have to pay for his vechicle,gas,insurance & probably salary. How do we slap him on the head and say enough is enough,speed in your own car
  9/30/2010 9:34:38 AM
Rae Ann 

Wheel Works South San Jose 
Hey there. I was helping my friend move a couch on Tuesday and she had to run to wheel works to have some striped lug nuts removed that THEY put on previously. they told her it would take 1-2 housr so i took couch to my house and she piddled around at oakridge mall. she went back after 2 hours and they said 2 more hours. so she walked to her parents house about 3 miles away. she called thema and they told her it would be 20 minutes so she got a ride back and got dropped off. then they told her another 20 minutes. this went on from 10:30 am until 6:30 pm. We are hairstylist in Los Gatos and that is all that we are talking about and I am amazed at the amount of people that tell the same stories about that wheel works. PEOPLE BEHAVING VERY BADLY.
  9/21/2010 6:52:23 PM

Students behaving badly 
Hey, I hope u cover this. I stay near Homestead High School, and during lunch break I see all the students coming out for lunch and throw all the trash bags all the way to the school back after eating. I really want u to cover this. Homestead High School in cupertino 95014. Come during the lunch hours and you can see students trashing the road sides.
  9/21/2010 6:11:00 PM

Bike riders on Market Street running red lights 
If you want to do a segment on bicyclists running red lights in San Francisco, just plant your camera at the intersection of Market and Sutter during a week work day. Within 10-15 minutes you will have the opportunity to film several bicyclist running the red light there, sometimes almost hitting pedestrians legally in the sidewalk or swerving through people crossing the sidewalk only a few feet apart. Oh, and this isn't even approaching the subject of bicyclists swerving through people on the sidewalk at high speed, even though there is a bike lane on the road next to the sidewalk.
  9/20/2010 9:25:23 AM

New Comment 
Stanley.. Quite frequenly I've noticed the postman in my area 22nd and Fair oaks St in San Francisco 94110 sleeping in his little white ford.This is in the afternoon. I suppose he is done with his route but sleeping over an hour? If he has that much time and the post office is going broke ..why don't they have him do other things to make up his time. i see him exit the vehicle with a black eletronic device and scan barcodes then return to his vehicle. I have to work 8 hours a day myself
  9/7/2010 12:25:36 PM

Nigerian Scam Adendum  
There is a group with called 419 Eater. 419 is the penal ode for fraud. The web site is Their purpose is to waste the time & resources of the scammers. One of their successful campaigns was to tell a scammer that if he is willing to build a church in their town then they will give him $300,000-. Meet us in Chad to receive the money. Chad is having a civil war. Some of their efforts are very funny.
  9/7/2010 11:09:50 AM

Stanley,My wife and I went to In-N-Out for a burger the other night. A young man parked in the lot was eating in his car and proceeded to through all the wrappers, french fry containers, bags, cups and everything else he didn't want in the car out the driver's window into the lot while he ate, and then spit into the pile while he finished his meal. He gave us the look while doing it as to say "What are you going to do about it ?" I know littering is on your list of offenses so this In-N-Out is in Pinole. Check it out! Thanks, Jim
  9/6/2010 11:25:24 AM

You should check out BART. Passengers are putting lugage on seats whiles folks are standing. This will be a great crack up.
  9/1/2010 2:15:45 PM

Motorcycle Lane Sharing 
Stanley - you should report on motorcycles passing between two adjacent cars (usually at an intersection). They call it "lane sharing". The riders tell me that it is legal. But isn't this in violation of the law (V C Section 21754 Passing on the Right)? Besides being extremely dangerous to everyone...
  9/1/2010 1:59:45 AM

shark sighting Pacifica 
Stanley,I like your segment very much,but I feel you did not do any research on this subject. The beach was not closed the sign posted PPD was notice of a shark sighting,not a water or beach closure.No laws were broken. Sharks live in the ocean 24....7!!!!! Just because a shark is sighted does not mean it is attacking humans. Linda mar has been crowded surf spot for 25 years if great whites wanted to eat people Linda Mar would be an all you can eat buffet to them! Not one attack in pacifica. Great white attacks are a case of mistaken identity by young sharks changing food from fish to sea mammals. To think that big is fish is hanging out at the very same spot a day later is laughable! How many times did you see JAWS? That was not a documentary. The biggest danger about going in the water at Linda Mar beach is getting hit by a careless surfers board. The majority of surfers at Linda Mar are beginners they have poor board handling and water awareness skills and very bad safety practices for themselves and others. That is the real way surfers behave badly at Linda Mar!!!! To witness a great white feeding is a very rare thing notice I said feeding not attacking a seal ! This is more science lesson than people behaving badly. Thank you I like your segment very much but this one bugged me. I always see cops driving and talking on cell phones without handsfree devices how about that one? Hard to get the video. What do you think?
  8/31/2010 7:16:11 PM

The Real People Behaving Badly Because 
I watched your segment on people going through dui check points and it made me very upset. I agree that "DUI" Checkpoints shoud be done but I don't agree with checkpoints that check for a driver license. You made a comment stating that some people have never had a license and people must be aware that some people are not permited to obtain a license. You can't punish people for not having something that is denied to them. I feel that you make it seem that people are commiting a crime on purpose and it is not so. Hard working people are out trying to make a living and their means of transportation is taken away unfairly. So if you are going to talk about people behaving badly talk about the people who are targeting people who don't deserve it.
  8/26/2010 9:20:47 PM

Pedestrian Right-of-Way 
I hope that I have addressed this correctly. Great piece on the Pedestrian Crossing Sting Operations in San Francisco. However, I wasn't clear on whether this is an continuous operation (as it should be - moving around the city). If they only do it once in awhile it will limit the effect. But the most important thing is for it to be well publicized (except for location). If drivers can never be sure if the guy in the crosswalk is a police officer, they will be way less likely to violate pedestrian rights. If it is a continuous roving operation in the city, and is widely publicised as such (hopefully by both KRON and the Chronicle), it will save lives. Good work - hope you do a followup.
  8/20/2010 6:53:46 PM
Thank You!!! 

8.20.10 Thank you so much for showing how most bicyclists DO NOT obey the traffic laws. I do not mind sharing the road with any driver that is considerate and obeys traffic laws, such as stopping at stop signs, stop lights, waiting until it's clear to change lanes, rather than insist on the right of way. Bicylists always blame the auto drivers for accidents, but since they regularly do not even bother to obey traffic laws, most of the accidents are becuase of their lack of respect for basic rules. They insist on right of way when making turns, changing lanes, and since there are absolutely no consequenses for their breaking the law, they have no reason to stop, and start obeying the law. I think they should be required to have drivers licenses for bicycles and license plates, since they want to share the road and be respected as fellow drivers, they should earn that respect by obeying the laws and helping to support roads by paying for licenses and fees, just like auto drivers have to. Thank you so much for tonights "People Behaving Badly."
  8/16/2010 11:02:21 AM

fun camera spot 
nobody believes the things I see at this corner on the weekends: Montgomery where it overlooks the transamerica pyramid: cars blow that stop sign and tourists stand in the middle of the road, right over the crest of the hill. Sunday afternoon I was approaching the intersection and the guy coming uphill blew the stopsign and almost hit...a tripod? Is that really a tripod in the middle of the road? Then I turned the corner to go down the hill and almost ran over the posing family; squatting down to all get in the photo. Every weekend I'm amazed people aren't killed here.
  8/16/2010 9:49:36 AM

People Behaving Badly - you fogot something 
When you reported recently about the rental scam going on, you warned viewers not to send in money but you also should remind them not to fill out any paperwork because that's also what these scam artists are trying to get...the personal info. Just FYI.
  8/11/2010 7:25:42 PM
Concerned Parent 

Traffic Being Caused By Negligent Parent Drivers 
Stanley,I am writing to you because when I drop my child off at Park Elementary School located on Larchmont Ave & Surrey Wy in Hayward it is like playing the video game Frogger for the kids. Negligent parents stop in the middle of the street and have their kids get out and run across the street with cars coming from the opposite way, while they hold up traffic behind them.Many times I have witnessed kids almost being hit by cars, while the principal just looks on. This issue has been brought to her attention and she has said to direct this issue to the traffic dept. in Hayward because she can't control the traffic in front of her school.The police dept has been notified many times but either don't show up or show up after school has started when the traffic is gone.I would hate to hear that it took a child being hit by a car before something is done to resolve this issue.Both the school district and the police dept have a duty to keep these kids safe while enroute to school. Thank you.
  8/4/2010 3:52:19 PM

New Comment 
hey Stanley My name is Asminda an I have a problem with purchaseing a dress at a store in vallejo called Alexis Jewlery and Princess Imports.I went to that store to buy a dress for my daughters sweet fifteen,the owner showed us dresses we picked one and ordered it we asked the owner if it was actually going to come with the color we wanted and she said yes so three mounths pass and we come to pick up the dress,it was not the color nor the desighn it wasnt even the right size we asked her if this was the dress an she said yes.Know I dont know what to do to get my money back I tryed to go to the BBB (better buisness bureau) and they closed the case because I wanted my money back and she did not want to reason.i want to ask you if you could help me get my money back or if you know some way i can
  8/2/2010 7:43:33 PM

San Mateo Needs Common Sense 
Hey Stanley, I was laid-off in 2009 so I have loads of time to catch people Behaving Badly. I have two major annoyances/hazards to tip you on: 1. San Mateo Safeway (El Camino @ 17th Street) on the corner and Starbuck's across the street. There is a designated signal for pedestrians to use, but I have sat inside the Starbucks and witnessed many people jaywalking (literally five feet away from the cross walk) back and forth. This is a HUGE danger for the peds as the cars turning right onto 17th will not expect to see some oblivious coffee guzzler crossing between two directions of traffic. 2. Smoking on the Caltrain station platforms is not allowed, yet people do it all the time. Even if these folks are illiterate, I would assume everyone can understand what the cigarette with the bright red circle and slash signifies, right? The worst offenders do it RIGHT NEAR THE ACTUAL NO SMOKING SIGNS!! Here we have health issues, littering and of course, fire hazards. Well, that's it, for now. PS: That El Camino/17th signal has a horrendous amount of red light runners even though there is a sign posted that the intersection is photographed....I think not. :( Keep doing the great job, Stanley :) Julie
  7/13/2010 10:08:16 AM

streets of san francisco 
just saw pbb about the bikes being stolen, how can we e-mail you about that plus i got another good story...
  6/25/2010 11:18:12 AM

Bicycle Helmets 
Stanley, are you aware that an ill-fitting helmet is no better than no helmet? You are only perpetuating ignorance when you show a child with a helmet that only serves as an ornament and provides NO vital protection. How about educating the viewers about the need for, not only, wearing a helment but to, also, wearing it properly? The two go hand-in-hand.
  6/19/2010 10:07:58 AM

Serra Bowl  
Dear Mr. Roberts: Please checkout Serra Bowl people behaving badly drinking to get drunk especially on Wednesday and Thursday night, bowler have class A & B license, employees working for the bowling alley drinking on the job, smoking right at all three entrance when you have to enter into the door, Kaorke participation is down due to negative comments the kaorke owner make to people plus he doesn't cater or scare of people of color. You really need to checkout the environment the marijuna weed smell in the parking alot. It is off the hook, please investigate.
  6/7/2010 8:58:38 PM
Stanley Roberts 

Re: Stanley Roberts - Behaving Badly  
Oh wow, it looks you you may have cracked the case of me Behaving Badly, or did you? You see in the windshield of my KRON news vehicle is a placard issued by the San Francisco Police department. The placard instructs all media where they can and cannot park, one of the places the news media is allowed to park, get this the "White Zone" wow go figure! Anyway I do appreciate the fact that you watch KRON 4. And to answer your question, trust me when I say the entire public is watching everything I do; you are a good example of that and I think that is too cool!!! Keep watching Anonymous :)
  6/7/2010 6:18:41 PM

Stanley Roberts - Behaving Badly 
Hey Stanley, I saw you behaving badly! Friday 6/4/10, I saw you park your red KRON car on O'Farrel in front of Macy's at approx 1:45 PM in a white zone...Now according to the California State Drivers Manual, "Park only long enough to drop off or pick up passengers or mail"...You were parked there more than 30 minutes while you went toward Market and Stockton with your camera. So Stanley, Have you ever filmed yourself "Behaving Badly"?
  5/28/2010 10:05:43 PM

City Employee Function 
Past few weeks, I notice SF City Workers parked on Sloat Blvd & 22nd Ave, just sitting in their vehicles(looks like Parking & Traffic). What are they being paid for? Is that what are taxing money is wasting? One day I notice 2 workers just chatting. About few days ago, I notice ONE worker doing traffic control. So I guess that's what they are suppose to be doing. Everyday it's different workers. So if this city is in debt, then they should evaluate why they need to hire workers just to sit in their vehicles!
  5/25/2010 5:58:32 PM

MUNI supervisors block pedestrians at Transbay 
Here is PBB story - every day, the Muni supervisor who works at the Transbay terminal parks his personal vehicle (a blinged out pickup) on the bus ramp at the tranbay, between the 38L lines and the 5/71 lines. This blocks the ONLY path people exiting the bus have to get from the bus island to the crosswalk. This means we all then walk in the PATH of oncoming buses, or alongside, which is more dangerous I dont know. Considering the amount of people MUNI runs over, I'm surprised this hasnt happened here yet. A news crew might set him straight, he certainly doesnt listen to our complaints (esp. since he sits inside his vehicle with the blackout tinted windows rolled up.) HELP us Stanley!
  5/24/2010 8:49:22 AM

California Rolls 
I enjoyed your piece about people not stopping at stop signs. As a transplant to CA from "back east," I often heard the term "California roll" applied to people who behaved badly in this manner. I'm glad someone's calling out this lazy and/or poor driving behavior to the public. As another pet peeve, did you notice how few of the spotlighted drivers used their turn signals? Keep up the good work!
  5/9/2010 4:07:47 PM

Bike Riders 
Stanley, I love your spots, there fun to watch & you do a good job reporting. I see that his complaint comes up in San Francisco, this same problem is also at Stanford Campus in Palo Alto. Bikers who don't follow the traffic laws, they don't use the bike lane, don't yield to pedestrians, they ride on the wrong side of the road, and never get ticketed. Very dangerous.
  5/9/2010 1:10:26 PM

accupied street parking without permit 
Stanley, every time she move her suv truck out from street public parking, she put her contruction cone on that spot. to prevent other car to park,report to police,no action. I went to police station , owner live in 772 hamspire st. san francisco .thank
  4/20/2010 5:10:38 PM

People in bikes Behaving Badly 
I had a few near misses last year because bicyclist are riding aggressively. I am sure there are near misses each day around market street in San Francisco. Would like to see 'People in bikes Behaving Badly'. Maybe than the city would do more for pedestrian safetly.
  3/29/2010 9:40:00 PM
Kenny Thomas 

Stanley Rules! 
Stanley Roberts kicks ass! We love you Buddy!
  3/25/2010 10:59:22 AM

Cutting in on Mission Blvd. 
coming southbound hwy 680, drivers cut-in at the last minute from the #1 (right lane) to the lane exiting to Mission Blvd. in Fremont. Many times the driver will break to the point of total stop to try to get into the lane. I am sure all those drivers know from past experience but just what to get ahead of the other guy. This situation can cause a very big accident via chain reaction. I have been on the #1 lane when drivers try to cut-in so I try to avoid the #1 lane. This area needs the CHP to monitor.
  3/12/2010 11:24:53 AM

YBI Road Closure 
So The residences of Yerba Buena Island were informed today that Macalla Road (the ONLY access road to the island) will be closed starting tomorrow at 7:00 Am till 7:00 PM, and on Sunday too. Caltrans informed the Villages at Treasure Island (our mgmt company) yesterday of this closure. We will only be allowed access to our houses once an hour. Don’t you have to have permits for this? Or at leaset some more notice???? Too top it off this closure will be in effect for the next three weeks! We were given 17 hours of notice, about this. What is there is an emergency? What is there is a fire? Talk about neighbors behaving badly!!!!!
  3/10/2010 12:11:36 PM

25 Parking Places "STOLEN!" 
Hey Stanley, check this out: new post office at 550 Townsend St. decided to TAKE 25 Parking Places on a city street and designate them "PARKING FOR POSTAL CUSTOMERS ONLY". No permit from the city -- no set-back or variance from the City -- HOW did they DO THAT??? Expose it, Stanley!
  3/8/2010 6:29:15 PM

Passing school bus w/flashing lights 
Ride w/school busses and comment on those who pass them when there red lights are flashing. We have talked about this.
  2/20/2010 5:08:42 PM

cops behaving badly 
Parking in bus zone, red zone, blocking traffic while getting something to eat, going to the bank and on cell phone while driving.
  2/14/2010 11:16:33 AM

Cabs on 101 
Stanley, I travel southbound 101 often where most cars are traveling at the speed of 65 MPH or better although Cabs zip in and out much faster and love to ride your bumper. The CHP culd have a feild day between Candlestick and the airport daily. Thanks
  2/8/2010 6:49:45 PM

story ideas 
you do cars, but what about BICYCLISTS!!! those turkeys violate more laws in a day that i do in a year! reckless, redlight running, stop sign running, even speeding (downhill) and what about all those SMOKERS violating non-smoking ordinances all over the bay area (esp San Fran)..go get 'em! :)
  2/8/2010 2:04:16 PM
April Star 

Former Employee 
This is more a HUGE need of assistance to shut down an illegal and wrongful employer at Treasure Chest Aquarium and Pets on Lincoln Ave and Alum Rock Ave in san jose, CA. I don't know how to reach anyone for help, but am trying my best. This employer has been hiring illegals, steals employees merchandise, wrongfully terminating people, withholding my last paycheck,verbal abuse, verbal sexual harrassment, animal abuse, threast, Chraging me for things I should not have to pay for, and lack of paid hours. I need someone who can investigate this guy especially since they care more about making money, saving money, and starving the animals to save a buck! Please help me and the poor pets there!
  1/25/2010 3:22:51 PM

CHP Running "Traffic Breaks"  
Stanley, a common problem I see on CA roadways is when a CHP officer is attepting to run a "traffic break," which is when he swerves accross lanes of the freeway to keep vehicles back because there is often debris ahead. I see vehicles make an attept to get by the officer. This can cause a significant risk to the officer ahead trying to clear the debris. I really think people should be educated about this. I've heard from a lot of people that they think the officers drunk! Thanks!
  12/21/2009 1:58:34 PM

Cable Car Workers 
Hey Stanley, I love your show. Last night I was with my family in downtown San Francisco. We were at the Powell street cable car turn around waiting in line because the cable car broke down. Instead of tring and fix it quickly the workers were just sitting around. One worker was sitting on the back of the broken down cable car smoking a cigarette within feet of all the families in line. You should definitely look into this more. Thanks
  11/18/2009 1:20:31 PM

BART Riders: Lines  
Why is it that BART riders think they can cut the lines for the esclators? Time after time - day in day out, I watch and am victim to BART riders getting off a train and just cutting their way thru the already established line to get ontot he esclators. Do BART lines somehow not hold the same merit as - lines at the supermarket, or the movies or amusement parks? BART riders think that because they exit the train in the middle or ahead of the esclators, they do not have to go to the end of the esclator line - they believe somehow the rules of going to the back of the line - do not apply to them. They push their way into the laready established line to go up the exclators - as if this line is different from any other line and this line allows line merging. You should roll tape on that - check it out during rush hour at the Embarcadero station.
  11/16/2009 6:33:23 PM

Whole Foods 
Hey, here's a piece worth investigating: Whole Foods at Calif./Franklin put out not one but TWO freezers at the curb taking up FOUR PARKING SPACE!! They get some bogus signs from Northern Police Station and the coolers sit there from a week before Thanksgiving until a week AFTER New Year's. this forces delivery trucks to double-park blocking a lane of traffic in the morning commute on Calif. street. They are illegally running electrical wires -- for juice -- to run the two coolers. Doesn't the omnipotent MTA want to CHARGE Whole Foods for LOSS of revenue on those parking meters for TWO MONTHS? This shit has been going on for YEARS!
  11/12/2009 2:44:38 PM

Thinking about it 
I absolutely love your work on people people behaving badly. I think your segments make people have a better conscious about the things they do. Its my experience that people think the are getting away with stuff because no one notices because no one calls them on it. You call them out and because of that more people are likely to do the same. Keep up the good work!
  11/8/2009 9:37:01 PM
San Jose School Crossing Guard 

Just about any crosswalk with kids 
I like what you do & I think you do a great job. Try parking your camera near a school crosswalk when kids are going to or from school. You would probably be not very surprised at the way some moms & dads drive to school. Try a middle school. You would probably get better video in the am.
  11/4/2009 12:44:58 PM

Bike Riders in Golden Gate Park 
Stanley, would you be interested in doing a spot on how often bike riders in GG Park create a hazard by running the stop signs. I use the park every day going to and from work. I always watch for riders because many do not slow down or stop at intersections. I have had several close accidents and last evening I had another that left me shaken. In 5:30 p.m. traffic at the Arboretum intersection, a female came riding down the center of the road and right through the stop sign --in the middle of traffic. Another two riders were in the bike lane and they just drove right through the intersection also. All the cars were driving slowly and stopping at the sign before going ahead, but I did not expect her to be riding in the middle of the road. Do bike riders have different traffic laws that they follow while riding in the park? Thanks
  11/1/2009 7:04:43 PM

New Comment 
You may have done a story on this before, but I have noticed that a lot of cars have been running the stop sign at Bay St. and Webster St. The stop line is separate from the crosswalk line.(Not like most stop lines are.) I work at Marina Middle School for City College Of San Francisco classes. I have noticed that vehicles entering & exiting the school yard, nearly have accidents with the vehicles, on the street, stopping beyond the stop sign/line and the crosswalk line. Thank you Mr. Stanley
  10/30/2009 4:46:14 PM

About Spitting on our city sidewalks  
I wanted to say more because I feel it is so unsanitary when I can't even take a short walk on my lunch break without stepping in it. Please help people to take pride in our cities again. Signed Hopeful
  10/30/2009 1:12:25 PM

Fisherman's Wharf  
Stanley: You need to do a story about the ridiculous ticketing that a DPT officer is doing at Fisherman's Wharf. Several parking spaces have no number associated with the space (or just a post) yet officer 231 insists on ticketing people. Tried talking and reasoning with him but he said don't talk to him. Just the other day a city worker used a marker to PUT a number on each post. This is what I called professionalism!
  10/27/2009 8:49:55 AM

New Comment 
I wish he would do people behaving badly about people who spit on sidewalks
  10/18/2009 10:06:45 AM

Stanley Roberts 
I love watching Stanley Roberts as he catches People Behaving Badly. I would like to see more traffic stories please .... and can you make them just a little bit longer?
  10/10/2009 9:41:34 PM

Disabled Placard Parking 
Stanley--great story on the line of cars with placards in front of the Alameda court. I observed the same phenomenon in front of--get this--the DPT headquarters on Van Ness near Market in SF. I observed for a while and I believe they are city workers parking for free all day. I think you have a great opportunity to report further on this! Thanks
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